Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stinky Little Toasts

OK, so my good friend Laura mocked me for this concoction, but I'm sharing it anyway because it's that good. These little "sandwiches" are a spin on my (and Laura's) favorite dish at Hopleaf, where we typically have to wait 2 solid hours for a table. Thankfully there are enough varities of Belgium brews here to keep us entertained.

By the time we are finally seated at Hopleaf, we're more than a little flushed and we don't even care that it takes a few flights of stairs to find the washroom or that the tables are crammed together like a traffic jam on Lakeshore Drive. None of this matters because we know we're only moments away from the CB&J sandwich-- undoubtedly the most comforting plate of food in Chicago

Think peanut butter and jelly on crack; a hearty slab of cashew butter followed by fig preserves and a thick slice of melty morbier cheese on toasted bread. This warm gooey delight is served up with a side of stilton mac n' cheese and homemade chips. No doubt, it's a heart attack in waiting, but I promise you'll still be grinning after the convulsions.

I told Laura that I wanted to make this in my own kitchen and she advised me not to mess with a good thing. But I rarely heed warnings.

Stinky little toasts
  • Mini toasts: 1 package
  • Cashew butter: 1.5 tsp. per toast
  • Stonewall Fig & Ginger preserves: .5-1 tsp. per toast
    • This was ungodly difficult to find. After searching forever for straight up fig preserves, I finally got this spread at Binny's. It can also be ordered from Stonewalls website.
  • Stilton cheese: as many stinky crumbles as you see fit
Spread cashew butter on toast, follow with fig & ginger preserves. Top it all off with the wretched little crumbles.

These work great as hors d'oeuvres. Prepare and refrigerate a few hours before your guests arrive, just be sure to let them temp before serving in order to get the full pungent flavor of the stilton.


jmizz said...

I'm extremely sad I never got to taste one of these wonders you've been talking up so much! That place is great though!

Scott McLean said...

That looks yummy! I'm drinking some coffee and still feeling hungry. When I'm not eating fast food, or dieting haha, I also like to invent some original kinds of foods. I'm glad to have seen your blog. Have a nice week!


Shaundra said...

hmm...ths actually sounds good. And this is from a picky eater!