Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Grabbing Fat Tuesday by the packzi

After months of hesitation, I've finally decided to start a food blog. And it couldn't be a more fitting time. Today is, afterall, Mardis Gras-- the one time of year (excluding Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and every other Christian holiday) when we're granted a free pass to overindulge. So here I am, grabbing Fat Tuesday by the packzi and leaving nothing behind but a trail of crumbs and ink stains.

I promise (and I use this word lightly) to provide you, dear readers, with frequent updates. At least as frequent as they can be for someone who still can't commit to a color scheme for her apartment. You can expect restaurant reviews, recipes, chef profiles, kitchen gossip and random rants from my glamorous life as journalist by day, sassy waitress by night.

Folks, if it's edibile, it has a story. And I'm here to find it, taste it and tell it.


dadlito said...

You do look sassy. I can't wait to read your reviews and I hope you let me pitch in a recipe or two. Now that you have started I'm sure you will keep it going and it will be fabulous. ;0)

mimi said...

I sure can not wait to try some of your fabulous recipes you may leave. I hope from our candy making experince. You are the doing great for youself. Keep up the good work.

Shaundra said...

Your blogs are always a pleasent addition to my day so keep it up. I know it will be yummy.