Sunday, April 27, 2008

Grilled Pigeon and Coffee Anyone?

If you're clueless about what flavors will amp up your apple or you're looking for something to serve with that stinky hunk of blue cheese that's been sitting in your fridge, you'll love the foodpairing tree by food for design.

Just click on one of the categories (herbs, spices, dairy, etc.) and you get a scientific layout of other foodstuffs that should pair appropriately. The site makes some snide remark about still needing the "craftsmanship and experience" to turn these "inspirations into a good recipe." But I'd say you just need a giant mixing bowl and a cabinet brimming with herbs and spices.

I checked out coffee and was not surprised to see chocolate in one of the most closely related groupings, but I never would've thought to drink the stuff with grilled pigeon, tortillas or oysters. Though, I can't say I've ever actually had grilled pigeon. Also, I didn't see cardamom branching out anywhere from the coffee root, which is one of my favorite morning treats. Take a few whole cardamom pods, crush and throw the seeds into some freshly ground beans and brew, brew, brew.

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