Thursday, March 13, 2008

Confections of a white chocolate fiend

My friend Phil is obsessed with white chocolate, in fact I think it's safe to say he's an even bigger fan than myself (and I've been known to have a few ravenous binges with the stuff). So whenever we meet up for coffee, we make it a point to scout out a new dessert incorporating this painstakingly sweet confection. Let me just say that Phil and I have met for coffee on an almost weekly basis since I moved to this city in August; together our sugar intake could keep the mills in business for years to come.

One thing I've noticed in our scavenges is that white chocolate has done some serious growing up over the years. These milky chunks, once a mere staple for Easter bunny molds and pretzel coating, are now the shining star in a whole mess of sugary concoctions. Some of our discoveries have left maddening cravings while others, overpowered by stronger flavors, barely made an impression.

Here are a few of our favorites:
  • White chocolate peanut butter cheesecake at Panes Bread Cafe
    • No further explanation needed.
  • Raspberry white chocolate peanut butter by PB Loco at Southport Grocery
    • This one is like death for me. I can't even keep a jar of plain peanut butter in my apartment-- throw white chocolate into the mix and I'm done for.
  • Choclatea bar with pistachio and green tea by smile chocolatiers at The Coffee and Tea Exchange
    • White chocolate takes the lead here-- disappointing for green tea fans, but that stuff's for drinking anyway.

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Anonymous said...

hi there, have you tried our white chocolate with rosemary tea? email me your address and i'll send you a bar. the retailer that you bought the pistachio green tea bar from might not have carried that flavor.